Monday, 20 April 2009

Mbarara Easter!

Parental Care Ministries celebrates at Easter :

Pastor Emmanuel Nnyanzi the founder of Parental Care Ministries in Mbarara, Uganda led the congregation in Easter worship Uganda style, before they all ate a special banquet together to mark this immensely special event in the Christian calendar.

The congregation gets really involved, no pew fillers here. Dancing in celebration of the risen Christ seems only natural, when you think of all he has done for us.

Once the celebration is over, the food begins. There is not an Easter egg or a chocolate bunny in sight as the people tuck in to huge plates of Matooke (Uganda plantain bananas steamed and mashed) which is the Ugandan staple diet and Posho (Cassava).

Children chew on pieces of meat which is a special treat for them. Meat is expensive and is not on the menu very often, however at this kind of community celebration all the stops are pulled out to make it a very special day for everyone.
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