Friday 6 November 2009

Nyanzi's visit Jan 2010

Pastor Emmy Nnyanzi and his wife Sara will be arriving in London in late December 2009 for a meeting with American friends. They hope then to visit various centres throughout the UK and will leave for Uganda again on 20th January. If you would like to host the couple during their UK tour please do not hesitate to get in touch on where we can arrange a potential visit.

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Friday 7 August 2009

Sponsor a Parental Care Ministries child!

Parental Care Child Sponsorship scheme begins:

Parental Care Ministries director Pastor Emmanuel Nnyanzi serves the community in the rural villages surrounding Mbarara, a city in the south west of Uganda. These Animistic communities are poverty stricken with little hope of freedom except for the work being carried out by Parental Care Ministries which includes a school operating a support mechanism for poor children, helping them break free of the perpetual poverty which has limited their families for many a long year. Part of the support mechanism is a child sponsorship scheme, making it possible for poor children to get an education as well as food, accommodation, clothing and medical care.

To fully sponsor a child it costs £20/month/child, to part sponsor a child the costs start at £5/month/child.

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Monday 6 July 2009

Parental Care Sports Day:

Inter-School sports day causes big upset:

The kids of Parental Care School in Mbarara, Uganda have exceeded all expectations by winning the prizes at an Inter-School sports event against stronger and more experienced opposition. Bishop Stuart Primary School, the losers, has a long tradition over 38 years but the less experienced teams from PCS for netball, football and even English Debate thrashed their opponents by large margins.
Photos below showing the events and the children really proud of their efforts.

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Mission International is now beginning a child sponsorship scheme for PCM, to fully support a child costs £20/month /child, to part sponsor a child the costs start at £5/month/child.

Monday 20 April 2009

Mbarara Easter!

Parental Care Ministries celebrates at Easter :

Pastor Emmanuel Nnyanzi the founder of Parental Care Ministries in Mbarara, Uganda led the congregation in Easter worship Uganda style, before they all ate a special banquet together to mark this immensely special event in the Christian calendar.

The congregation gets really involved, no pew fillers here. Dancing in celebration of the risen Christ seems only natural, when you think of all he has done for us.

Once the celebration is over, the food begins. There is not an Easter egg or a chocolate bunny in sight as the people tuck in to huge plates of Matooke (Uganda plantain bananas steamed and mashed) which is the Ugandan staple diet and Posho (Cassava).

Children chew on pieces of meat which is a special treat for them. Meat is expensive and is not on the menu very often, however at this kind of community celebration all the stops are pulled out to make it a very special day for everyone.
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Sunday 22 February 2009

New 'meanings' in Mbarara?

Dictionaries are valued by Parental Care School:
A selection of dictionaries and other valuable reference books were carried from Scotland to Uganda after Pastor Nnyanzi's recent visit to the UK, to be used in Parental Care School. The school up to this point did not have this kind of resource for staff and pupils to use and so their arrival has thrilled the everyone involved in the school.

Children at the school pour over the books when they are delivered to the classroom, it is hoped that Mission International can bring more valuable assets to the school in the future.

Tuesday 2 December 2008

Parental Care Ministries - find out more!

Parental Care Ministries (PCM) was set up by Pastor Emmanuel Nnyanzi and his wife Sarah in response to the critical problems which were unfolding in the communities in and around the town of Mbarara in Uganda. It was clear that something needed to be done to support the many children in the area whose parents had died or who had been abandoned by their families.

Early Days:
The early days of the ministry were tough. The dire lack of resources facing the enormous need meant that Pastor Nnyanzi and his whole family had to sacrifice greatly in order to help those who were in even grater need than they were themselves. Over time some friends from the UK and USA came alongside and began to support this vital work allowing Pastor Nnyanzi to further develop the ministry. Today PCM comprises of a school, an orphanage a church and a Bible training school. Much has been achieved but still more is necessary if this stricken community is going to break out and reach its full potential.

How you can help?
There is no doubt about it that the progress seen in PCM over the years has been much to do with the persistence and passion of Pastor Nnyanzi and his team in Mbarara, however the work could not have reached its current stage without the input of supporters and donors who have come alongside Pastor Nnyanzi.

You can become one of the small army of supporters who give of their time and resources to further this powerful work in Uganda. It may be that you would like to sponsor a child, if so please click here, it may be that you would like to run a fundraising event, then please click here. It may be that you'd like to go to Uganda and help by being part of a team or by sharing your skills and expertise, if that is the case you should click here.